A Cox’s Perspective; Novice Coxing at GUBC

Emma Young joined GUBC as a rower, but eventually found her niche coxing the Novice Men’s Squad. Below she tells us a little of her experiences this year.


I joined the club in September 2012, in fresher’s week of my first year at Glasgow Uni, as a member of the novice women’s squad. I had wanted to row since watching the Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race earlier in the year and the Olympics only added to that. It quickly became apparent to me though (being injury prone and pulling the squads lowest erg splits) that rowing probably wasn’t for me. I was prepared, for the good of my health, to leave the club until I was offered the opportunity to learn to cox. Being small and pretty loud this seemed like the perfect job for me and I’d get to just sit there!

Quickly I was taught the basics in some theory sessions on land, but getting in a boat and being in control of it still seemed far too daunting for me. When the novice men were in need of a permanent cox though, I had to jump right in. I learnt pretty quickly that it’s not all “just sitting there” and I had to use my brain much more than I expected but I loved it! Some miracle occurred which meant I managed not to crash and they’ve not been able to get rid of me since.

Being with the same crew every weekend has helped immensely with my progress and confidence. In the first race I coxed, we won, making me very proud of the crew and the club as a whole.

emma young

My enthusiasm for the sport of rowing and GUBC has grown an unbelievable amount in the past eight or nine months, especially since I started coxing. I now annoy every non rower by babbling on about the sport and I couldn’t even count the amount of times I’ve used #rowing, #coxing or #GUBC.

Being part of the club has given me many opportunities to meet new people, be involved in some fierce competition and travel with the crew. My best moment of this year has most definitely been coxing on the Thames. Despite horrible conditions and being terribly moody about them, it was a brilliant experience, and a great achievement to someone who didn’t think they’d make it in the sport.

Joining the university boat club has probably been the best decision I’ve made all year. No other club of sport could have given me the experiences, new friends or enjoyment that GUBC has!

Emma Young

Emma with the Novice Men after a successful race at SPR.
Emma with the Novice Men after a successful race at SPR.

Thanks to Stephanie Collier Burchell for the photograph above.

SPR 13

An excellent weekend for GUBC!

The two-day event saw Strathclyde Park Regatta and Scottish University Championships combine into what proved to be an excellent weekend of racing for GUBC’s athletes.

 What proved to be a fabulous weekend also saw us add to our well earned Winter League title, gained through success in the 2012/12 head season,by winning the

Scottish Student Sport Rowing Championships Victor Ludorum 2013

with a fantastic 565 points, triumphing over Edinburgh and Aberdeen who followed in second and third places respectively.

With conditions far from ideal at points, GUBC’s members and crews maintained that special brand of GUBC Gumption and were rewarded with their fair share of trips to the winner’s pontoon.

A stellar foundation for the club as we prepare to travel this weekend to BUCS in Nottingham to go head to head with Britain’s best.

Special mention goes to our Novice Crews, who performed at a consistent high standard and continue to set an impressive precedent for Novice years to come.

Full list of GUBC wins for the weekend;


Scottish Student Champs Women’s First 8+

Scottish Student Champs Women’s Second 8+

Scottish Student Champs Women’s Third 8+

Scottish Student Champs Men’s Second 8+

Open Nov 8+

Women’s Res 2 8+

Scottish Student Champs Women’s Third 4+

Scottish Student Champs Women’s Championship 4x

Women’s Res 2 2-

Women’s Open 1x

Women’s Junior 18 1x


Women’s Nov 4+

Scottish Student Champs Women’s Fourth 4+


Full list of results from the weekend can be accessed here;


Novice Ladies’ Training Camp

Over Easter break all our squads embarked on their annual training camps, to hone and test the skills carved out of the long, hard hours of winter training. Tess Murray, who joined GUBC as Novice this September, gives a report of the Novice Camp experience.


On Saturday the 30th of March 2013, eighteen ‘little novices’ made the journey to Glasgow University’s main gate, about to embark on their very first training camp. Wide eyed and somewhat naïve as to what lay ahead of us, we carted about 3 tonnes worth of gym kit under the arch ready to begin our journey. We had all struggled with the sheer size of our kit bags, Allie’s weights sessions having proven to have had minimal effect, with the majority of us opting for taxis, whilst one lucky novice had the good fortune to have a burly Senior gentleman escort her and her luggage to the meeting point.
Decked out in the finest trackies the Men’s section of Primark could provide, we loaded up the minibuses with the fierce Caroline Horrocks and ‘Dobby the Free Elf’ at the helm. The journey resulted in giving the squad animal personas many of whom quickly morphed into their animal alter egos; in particular, Alison the Sloth and Helen the Armadillo. Fuelled on McDonalds and brandishing our rigger jiggers, the boats were swiftly assembled and ready for action. We finished off our first night at the Sea Cadet base with a game of sardines to ‘familiarise’ ourselves with our surroundings. Special mention goes to Calum McBurney whose hiding spot was so good, we gave up looking for him and put the kettle on. Lights out was aided by the dulcet tones of Cormac McMurray on Tanoid FM.

Each morning we eagerly jumped out of bed at 7am and set off to the boat house following a hearty breakfast. Sticking to our meticulously devised training plan, consisting of various technical and fitness outings, it was in no time at all that the three daily sessions quickly produced blister infested hands and backsplash soaked kit.

Inverness marked the beginning of Cormac’s true vocation – coxing, with his technical 12 proving a huge hit. However, his 8 was no match for the formidable four made up of Caroline, Tess, Tinney and Heather who instigated a last minute race due to unsportsmanlike behaviour on the canal. The rare sight of Calum in a single scull proved too much for some and perhaps resulted in the tipping of the risky pairing of Vic and Caroline. After months of core sessions and speculation as to why the novice squad didn’t have a full line-up of 6 packs, two members of the squad took it upon themselves to develop the latest in core training; the Murray- Marshall double, triple and pyramid plank.

The week drew to a close with the serious issue of BUCS seat racing followed by the not so serious “mixed regatta” where our coaches’ egos were left battered and bruised, ready for the lord of the glens to swallow up on the canal. It’s safe to say a great week was had by all involved, with special thanks to Jess who fed our “Open Weight Crew” in monstrous amounts and Mrs Horrocks who made a mean Lemon Drizzle cake. Admittedly throughout the week it crossed many a novice mind that cheerleading would have been a safer option, but we powered through and had an incredible week. The gods were clearly favouring GUBC as the sun was out in force, bringing with it some rather fetching sunglasses and coaxing out some freckles.

A few statistics to round up GUBC’s novice girls training camp; Throughout the 5days –

245 slices of bread were consumed

11 jars of jam, peanut butter and chocolate spread

26kg of various carbs (rice, potatoes, pasta)

20kg of various meat

46 pints of milk

8kg of breakfast cereal

an estimated 250 cups of tea,

12 litres of icecream

150 kms of rowing.

Over and out, the BUCS soccer mom,


Men’s Tideway 2013

Having trained for months, abstained from alcohol for weeks, made all possible preparations, and endured 10 hours spent crammed in a minibus with the delightful odours of male rowers and tupperware filled with dodgy pasta, the news of HoRR 2013’s cancellation was met with disbelief and disappointment by the squad as we rigged our boats on Putney Embankment in the Friday morning’s freezing rain.


The GUBC men had a decision to make, as some clubs began packing up their trailers to return home, and others simply turned around on the motorway. After a short meeting we agreed unanimously to stay through till Sunday and make the most of our time in London. Even if we couldn’t race we could certainly get some rowing done, regardless of what the weather was going to throw at us in the coldest March in 50 years. With a long row on the Friday afternoon, and a
gruelling double session on the Saturday morning (still in the freezing wind and snow) the weekend certainly came to earn the “Arctic Hard B*st*rd Training Camp” nickname coined by some squad members.

Notably, even while rowing in such esteemed company as the Cambridge Blue Boat, and the Czech Rowing Association 8+, to name just a couple, no other crew on the tideway notched up as much mileage as GUBC, and arguably nobody else matched the squad’s resilience and commitment to the purpose of the weekend. In such difficult circumstances, this commitment and enthusiasm was very striking and admirable, especially from the novices who displayed very un-novice-like professionalism and togetherness. Most memorably, five seat of the second 8+ Robert Simmons, in his burning desire to row through the Arctic weather, cast embarrassment into the biting wind and resigned himself to borrowing coach Iain Rice’s cherished pair of golden, sequin-embroidered leggings.

Having made the most of the rowing opportunities afforded to us on the Tideway, even without a race the squad had certainly earned the chance to make the most of the opportunities offered by the legendary HoRR Saturday night. As the pre-race drinking ban came to an end, every member enjoyed a tipple, and by the small hours, a good time had been had by all.

So, despite the lack of racing, by the time of our return on Sunday it was generally agreed that the weekend’s trip had been worthwhile. Indeed it served to prepare, and motivate the squad even further for the coming regatta season, where results will vindicate the hard training done thus far. For making the trip possible, thanks must go to Thames Rowing Club for providing accommodation, to all the drivers of the minibuses, to coaches Rice and Hayhurst for ensuring we got plenty rowing done despite the apocalyptic weather, and especially to coach Hayhurst who once more added to his thousands of miles of trailer towing experience. We couldn’t forget the heroine of the return journey, Mrs Sharon Fostyk, mother of senior four-seat Niall, who provided us with a glorious spread of delicious carbohydrate and meat protein when we stopped in scenic Bolton on the trip home. Commendation must also go to the squad in general, for showing great determination in the face of unfortunate circumstances, and in the words of coach Rice, for showing everyone else there what Glasgow are all about.


Sam Wiszniewski 

GUBC Annual General Meeting 2013

On 20th March, GUBC members gathered in Viper to elect the committee for the 2013/2014 season. Handover is officially the July 1st 2013, with Treasurer commencing their role in September 2013.

A huge thank you is extended to this year’s Club Captain, Sally Griffiths, and to the rest of the 2012/2013 committee members.

2013/2014 GUBC Committee

Club Captain | Stephen Fisher

Men’s Captain | Duncan McCoy

Ladies’ Captain | Claire Hiddleston

Boat Man | Fraser Malone

Treasurer | Lizzie Panton

Secretary | Luke Cerexhe

Social Secretary | Allison Kells

Sponsorship and Fundraising Convenor | Emma Fleming

Publicity Convenor | Emma Baxter

Ordinary Members | Tom Short and Niall Fostyk

GUBC Presidency Handover

GUBC Presidency Handover

A snapshot from the EGM earlier this year when Charles Westwood handed over the Presidency of GUBC to Pete Russell.

All of GUBC would like to thank Charles for all his hard work throughout the years, and to welcome Pete into his new role as Club President.

GUBC Western Eights Head of The Clyde

GUBC hosted a very successful Western Eights Head of the Clyde on Saturday 2nd March. Fuelled by the baking gifts of our members and organised beautifully by our extra-ordinary members, Rebecca Lightfoot and Luke Cerexhe, it can be agreed that it was an excellent day, with some great racing.

Results can be viewed here;

***RESULTS 2013***

Thank you

Luke and Rebecca



Some of our winners from the day displaying their wares.
Some of our winners from the day displaying their wares.


Excellent effort from all involved; a great day of racing and glorious results.

Men’s Nov 8+ won their division with an impressive time of 14.06.

Women’s R2 8+ composed of GUBC/CARC crossed the finish line in 14.36.

Women’s Nov 4+ (A) performed fabulously with a winning time of 16.39.

Women’s Open 8+ stroked to victory with a speedy 14.37. (worth the Rate 35, Ladies)

Women’s Nov 8+ were testament to the hard work of the Novice Ladies, winning with a time of 15.20.

And our Senior Men recorded the fastest course time of the day with a lightning 12.54.

An excellent day GUBC, proving that the early mornings, long ergs, heavy weights and many hours are more than worth it.


Thank you to Jet, Calum and Tess for use of their photos!

Emma’s GB Trials Experience

Emma Mcdonald, a first year student at Glasgow University, recently had her first senior trial for Team GB, and as a result was invited to the next set of trials in a few weeks time.

From all at GUBC xo

Having rowed at a junior level for many years, I decided to go to my first senior trial for team GB in November. Why not?! Although I have previously attended junior GB trials, I felt completely unprepared and frightened at the thought of going. As well as it being my first ever senior trial, I decided to row lightweight, which did not come naturally to me. To come down to weight required a lot of self-discipline, I had never really thought about how much it would affect me. A few days before travelling down to Boston where there trials were being held, my coach sent me the start list for the weekend. Seeing my name alongside Olympians and world championships did not do anything for my nerves, and a lot of convincing was required to make me believe I wasn’t completely mad in going.

The trial was to consist of a 5kilometre water trial in a single scull following a 2kilometre test on the ergo the previous day. Due to the crazy weather conditions the water trial was unfortunately cancelled leaving only the 2k test. Although my race was not till 2pm, I went to the centre at 9am as the other girls I was with were racing earlier than me. As the racing started my nerves only increased more. I was not only nervous but starving too as I was unable to weigh in until 2 hours before my race. The atmosphere was so tense and full of emotion as everyone knew how important it was that their 2k went well as there was no longer the water trial. After finally weighing in, the excitement of getting to eat proved too much for me. I stuffed my face big time. Going through my usual warm up routine calmed my nerves as it gave me a specific focus and a distraction to everything else going on. When the race finally came around, it was indeed the most horrific and painful 7 and a half minutes. Although I did not get a personal best time, I was pleased to make it through my first trial without any embarrassment and performed reasonably well. Once the results were published I found out I had come 3rd fastest under 20 lightweight and 9th fastest under 23. I was surprised as I had not really thought about the outcome having been so focussed on making weight for the first time and doing a reasonable time for myself.

I am attending the next set of trials in a few weeks’ time, and hopefully this time will get to race on the water. Although over Christmas, when many were having a rest from the early morning rises, I did question why I was still doing several sessions a day, I wouldn’t change it, and I am excited about the opportunities ahead in the coming weeks and months.

A Portrait of The Rower as a Young Novice; Part 2

Steph has provided us with another glimpse into the life of a GUBC Novice; hope you enjoy 🙂


Another month, another step towards GUBC ladies novice domination… and what a busy one it has been!

First of all, we were very excited to be competing in our first races! After the bitter disappointment of the postponement of the GRC head race the previous weekend, we all felt a great sense of relief/excitement/anxiety as it was announced that the race was to go ahead. So we rocked up to the boathouse in our lycra and sexy yellow t-shirts, on which the GUBC crest was beautifully stencilled, with only one thing on our minds: VICTORY. (Not really. In all honesty, we were just praying that we wouldn’t end up at the bottom of the Clyde).

The run-up to the race was by no means smooth, with a few boat problems meaning that two of the novice crews had to row bucket-rigged, which was an experience to say the least (particularly for those of us stroke-siders who were experiencing the marvel that is the bow seat for the first time, where Calum’s head took a good walloping at the end of each stroke).

All three of our crews put in a fabulous effort and recorded some impressive times, which meant that the GUBC novices really had made their mark. More importantly, we had gained some racing experience, which was to prove vital in our next racing escapades which took place a mere week later in Inverness.

Yet again, GUBC novice ladies had three crews entered for this race, and yet again, they did not disappoint. Having to acclimatise to the bucket-rigged boat once again, nothing could hold these ladies back. The two crews racing in the morning really outdid themselves, with both crews finishing in the top quarter of the novice division. Having put themselves into a fantastic position after a very promising start, disaster struck our third crew half way through the race as one of the gates broke, leaving the four girls with no option but to have two of them row to the finish. Might I add, despite this catastrophe, they still managed to beat Strathclyde by seven whole seconds, proving themselves to be the true winners of the day!

It was so good to finally get some racing experience under our belts, and this will stand us in good stead for some of the major races that are to come next year.

Back to normality then, and training has, yet again, moved up a gear. Or six. With the exciting introduction of ‘Cormac’s school of ergs’, the technique of the squad as a whole has improved dramatically, only helped by his core exercises and stretches! And when we’re not sweating over the ergs, Allie is never far away, keeping us on our toes. Whether it be during the gruelling circuits or runs through Kelvingrove park, he is always there to put us through our paces. And pain. (It will all be worth it ladies).

I would like to say a huge thank you to Cormac and Allie on behalf of the entire novice ladies squad for the time and effort they have put in with us.  Our fitness and technique are improving with every session!

Despite the fact that exams are looming, attendance and spirit among the squad is still high. Everybody seems to be responding very well to the increase in training intensity, and with so many girls consistently turning up to training, we are sure to have a super-strong, fighting fit army of novi, with cores of pure steel thanks to everybody’s favourite, the partner leg raises. Ouch.

As we all look forward to Christmas (everybody loves a mince pie) training is never far from the back of our minds as we look towards next semester and Jess’ bulge-shifting bootcamp. For the time-being , however, we will continue to enjoy the socials (special shout out to Emma Fleming for an unforgettable club dinner!) and embrace our training… (possibly donning a few more thermal layers at the weekends..)



GUBC are providing you with the sexiest way to organise your lives, whether it be your studies or to take note of gruelling training schedules.

Calendars are available via the website and will cost a nifty £5


  • Payments are made via ‘Paypal’.
  • 10% of profits will be split between a breast cancer and a testicular cancer charity, chosen at the discretion of GUBC.
  • Delivery charges will be an addition £1.50 on your order total. 
  • If collection option is selected, payment will be accepted on the collection of your order – please have payment clearly marked in an envelope. 
  • Payments are made in the form of donations, entire the correct amount for the number of calendars you have ordered.
  • Payments will be cross checked with your order form before your order is processed.
  • Delivery will be through Royal Mail and will be 2-3 Business days.
  • Collection Point will be specified when your order is confirmed.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

from all at GUBC 

 Senior Men

Glasgow Rowing Club Head and GUBC Annual Club Dinner 2012

Saturday 10th of November proved to be a busy day in the GUBC calendar. Treacherous weather conditions saw racing the previous week cancelled, meaning that once again, GUBC were transforming from onepieces to evening wear at break neck speed.

GRC Head saw many of the novices represent GUBC for the first time with excellent effect. While perhaps results were not as initially desired, the performance and enthusiasm was testament to the weeks of learning and training, and of the hard work of the Novice Coaches.

Senior racing was strong and provided an excellent foundation for the season ahead. The Women’s Senior Open Quad recorded the fastest female time of the day over the 3km stretch of water, crossing the finish line in a swift 9min 29sec.

Our Annual Club Dinner was held this year at The Lorne Hotel, on Sauchiehall Street. It proved to be a fabulous venue, with the staff being nothing short of excellent – for this; Thank You!

Our guest speaker for the evening was President of Scottish Rowing, Mike Morris, and we were also joined by GUSA President, Chris Millar. It was lovely to have them involved in the evening, and we hope that they enjoyed being part of one of the biggest nights in the GUBC calendar.

Speeches, awards and ceilidh dancing are always an intrinsic part of club dinner and this year proved to be no exception. A massive and heartfelt thank you also goes to Viper, who provided us with wristbands for the after party.

While unanimously agreed that the dinner was nothing short of a roaring success, it is important to note that none of it would have been possible without the research, dedication and enthusiasm of our wonderful Social Secretary, Emma Fleming.

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A Portrait of the Rower as a young Novice

Starting rowing as a novice at University is a unique and wonderful experience, and one that we at GUBC are keen to provide. Enthusiastic members that turn up not knowing their arse from their bow ball are quick to become an important and intrinsic feature of any Boat Club; Glasgow University is no exception.

Two of our Novices, Tom and Stephanie were very kind to adhere to my pleas for Novices to write a bit of a blog about their experiences. Below are the first instalments of GUBC’s Novice Blog, ENJOY!


I was not new to sports coming into my third year of university. I was competing in triathlons and Gaelic Football for as long as I can remember and had even dabbled in a few of the University’s club sports. However it took until my third year to find a university club sport that actually suited me: boat club.

I had been talked into the boat club by friends and bar an uneducated viewing of the Olympics, I pretty much couldn’t tell the difference between a scull and a cox. However I gave it a go and went down to the taster session. This interest went further and I hit up the training with the Novice men. Fair to say there was a massive range of guys at that session; ones who must have been born in a weight room and ones who looked like a light breeze would send them flying. However we were all in the same boat and this was a new kind of training for us all.

The training sessions were intense starting with squats and lunges and ending in hill sprints in Kelvingrove Park. However there was a really good attitude in the club. Whether it was the guy who was so powerful two guys had to hold down his Erg machine or the guy who fell behind on the hill sprints; the entire crew would shout support and cheer them on until the finish.
After the first few sessions I was sore in places I didn’t even know I had. But there was a satisfaction in that. Week by week we’d hit up the rowing training room and you’d see the improvement in yourself and those guys you started off with. You really feel as if you train as a team and work together. And it all comes into play when you finally get an oar in your hand and are out on the Clyde rowing. The feeling is as intense as all the training that brought you there was.

Row club not only train hard, but they also work hard. I found this out during the weekly socials which are insanely fun. One week you could go out wearing an Olympics themed vest top and the week after you could be covered in green body paint as a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle. Emma Fleming organises some of the most unique yet amazing socials. Whether it’s dressing up, drinking or just general banter, the boat club does nothing by half measures and the stories you make during these nights will keep you laughing (or cringing) for a long time.
Joining the club is definitely not for the faint of heart, but is possibly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made at University.

Tom Short 


Like many other students at the University, I decided that this year I would try out a club or sport that was new and completely unknown territory to me. Having run for a long time, I was in pursuit of something that involved being in a team and required commitment. Having watched Katherine Grainger claim her Olympic gold medal after three previous attempts, it struck me that rowing was something I would like to try.

I had actually missed the taster session, and was a bit dubious about turning up to training without knowing anybody, but a friend of mine had attended the taster session and assured me that everybody was really friendly and welcoming, so I decided to give it a go.

Despite my slight concerns about having to get up, do land training and row every Saturday and Sunday morning, which for me was usually lie-in time, I am now beginning to appreciate the early weekend starts. The novice girls (all forty or so of us) are really enjoying getting out on the water, which I suppose is why so many of us keep coming back every weekend. Every day has been an education…a point well-proven last weekend when it was revealed to us, after five weeks of rowing, that we weren’t actually all complete naturals when it came to steering the boat, and that it was in fact Calum who was taking us in the right direction. Oops.

I like the structured training regime we have throughout the week as well, and as the weeks go on I’m sure all of the girls in squad will agree that we can feel the difference that the circuits and ergs are making already, so much so that our super keen novice rep feels that it’s her duty to lead group wall-sit sessions in the hive every Thursday, pints of fun in hand. I can’t lie and say that I have absolutely loved every single erg session I have done thus far, because I know I’m not the only one who will say that they have been pretty tough. However, Jess’ sessions have really helped us with our technique, and her amazing banter is almost enough to make ergs… fun?

Now that November is drawing near, we’re really looking forward to competing in our first ever races, and most importantly, to the club dinner! It has to be said that GUBC hold the best socials I have attended throughout my three years here, and I’m sure future endeavours will not disappoint (Though, in the future we will all try to avoid the compulsory penalty squats given out by Calum at the weekend for drunkenly commenting on his sexuality on the Facebook page. Lessons have been learned…)

So far it has been great to get to know so many new and fun people who are at different stages at the University, and I look forward to the many training sessions, races and socials that are yet to come!

Stephanie Tinney 

Club Dinner 2012

Finally, a chance for Glasgow University Boat Club to unleash its respectable side…

Club Dinner this year will be held on the 10th of November at The Lorne Hotel, 923 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G3 7TQ

Club dinner is one of the most important nights of the year for the club and a fantastic night out for both club members and alumni, celebrating the club’s history as well as its bright future ahead with plenty of good craic- a night not to be missed!

Our guest speaker for the night will be Mike Morrice, President of Scottish Rowing.Dress code is Black Tie so don your finest evening wear!
Arriving at 18:30 for dinner to start at 19:00, plenty of time to enjoy the evening and the chat!The evening will include a three-course meal, awards ceremony, punch ceremony, and ceilidh before heading off into town (exactly where is TBC).Tickets will be £35 and can be bought from _ at the boat house/ the room or on campus. Ticket price will include half a bottle of wine per personPlaces are limited so get your tickets fast to make sure you don’t miss out!Excited to see you all there!

Ticket design courtesy of Emma Kenny:

Heroes and Villains Pub Crawl

Thursday night saw GUBC make an heroic effort in possibly one of the best fancy dress turnouts ever. In true GUBC style we dominated both the podium and the West End as the fight of good versus evil took to the streets of Glasgow.

While good may truly have conquered all, the club as a whole stole the night – stunning effort guys for showing Glasgow Uni that we can both train and party hard.

Thank you to Tom Short, Tess Murray and Fraser Malone for use of their snaps!

Taster Session 2012

SATURDAY 15TH was a very exciting day down on Glasgow Green as GUBC held their annual Fresher’s Week Taster Session.

It was amazing the amount of people who boarded our buses and headed down to try rowing, nibble on some BBQ and quaff some Pimm’s. We at GUBC had a fantastic day showing everyone around, taking you out on the river and getting to know all your friendly faces.

Thank you to everyone who came down, it was wonderful to meet you and we hope to see you again very soon!

What’s that you say?
When can we meet again?


We are running a circuits session at our Brand Spanking New On Campus Training Suite, which is situated in the West Medical Building.
A session for the girls is running this Thursday 20th from 5.30 – 6.30pm and for the boys 6.30 – 7.30pm.

Keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter for information about our Olympic Vest Party, to be held that night and organised by our Social Sec, Emma Fleming.

For those who can’t wait to get back on the water, we are running training sessions this Saturday and Sunday at 10.30am at the Boat House in Glasgow Green.

Olympian Hunting

On Friday afternoon we popped down to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and were very fortunate to meet Katherine Grainger and Heather Stanning of Team GB.

Both Katherine and Heather won rowing gold at the recent London 2012 Olympic Games, and were in Glasgow to participate in a parade for all the Scottish Olympians.

Rebecca Lightfoot, Sally Griffiths and Stephen Fisher with Katherine Grainger.
Emma Baxter, Emma Fleming and Sally Griffiths with Heather Stanning (And her shiny gold medal!)

It was a pleasure to meet them both, and wonderful to be able to congratulate them on their fantastic achievements in person.

Once again, well done Katherine and Heather, from all at GUBC! 

Nat Champs success for Fraser

Fraser Malone and Jim Allan with their shiny, silver medals.

“I contacted the performance coach for Scottish Rowing, expressing my interest to row a junior pair at Scot Champs, so I could get considered for selection for the Scottish Junior team at the Home International Regatta. He set me up with Jim Allan, a rower from King’s College School rowing club on the Thames. Jim came up to Scotland the week before and we only managed to get 2 training sessions on the Clyde leading up to the weekend. Racing on the Sunday, we came first in our semi-final by a considerable lead, and had the fastest time overall. In the final, ourselves and ASRA separated from the rest of the field and we finished 2nd overall, gaining a silver medal. We were then selected as the junior pair to row at HIR, so agreed to race Nat Champs the week before as preparation. I trained with Jim on the Thames the week leading up to the British. At Nottingham, we finished first in our heat, after leading the entire race and went on to finish 2nd in another considerable lead over the rest of the crews in our final”

2011/2012 Season Run Through


PwC Roller Racing
PwC’s Roller-Racing Challenge got adrenaline pumping on university campuses throughout October 2011. Each competitor completed 500m on the Roller-Racing machine, and Glasgow University produced some excellent times very early on in the challenge meaning throughout the tour they were the times to beat! After a month long tour PwC announced the overall winners and the Glasgow Boat Clubs very own Kenny Ayre was awarded the prize for fastest overall male, beating the runner-up competitor from Oxford University by just under a second. But that’s not all, Jessica Lee was also placed as the runner-up female winner generating further prize money for the club. You’ll be pleased to hear that this prize money has now been spent on 2 new cox boxes! Congratulations to our PwC roller-racing winners, who achieved outstanding results and pedalled their way to a great cash prizes for the good of the club!


GUBC Western Eight’s Head of the River
Glasgow University Boat Club’s very own Western Eight’s Regatta was a terrific event that saw clubs from Scotland and England compete down the shortened 4k course. The weather running up to the event made the race only 4000m as opposed to the normal 5000m however a great days racing was had by all. The fastest Eight of the day was the composite Glasgow Rowing Club, Castle Semple and Glasgow University Boat Club crew including GUBC alumni and current Men’s Captain Michael McNaul. The fastest ladies boat of the day was the Glasgow Rowing Club crew who won Women’s R2. Both novice girls and guys had good rows with our Novice men beating a crew and missing out on the win narrowly to a quick Glasgow Schools crew, with the girls coming close in the field to other (non) novice crews. Well done to organisers Jess Lee and Mark Lees alongside other GUBC members who let the event run smoothly (including a 5* cake stand), and a huge thank you to all who participated!

Burns Supper
After a long days racing GUBC took to WEST Brewery for the annual Burns Supper. With piping by Gregor Wilkie and a Tam O’ Shanter experience by Allie MacFarlane the night was a great success with good food, ceilidh dancing and scandal. Thanks to Social Sec. Nicole Baillie for organising the event.


Strathclyde University Head
Another successful event for GUBC in small boats with wins from our M0 2-, M Nov 1x, W R2 1x and W Nov 4+. These were great results considering the majority of the crews were either scratch or had hardly been out on water due to weather, so promising results for sprint season!

BUCS Head Regatta, Peterborough
For the first time GUBC Ladies Squad travelled down to Peterborough to take part in the British University University and College Regatta that highlights the best University crews across Britain. Our girls had a very good weekend with an eight entered into Intermediate placing 6th out of 23, our Intermediate 4+ placing 10th out of 23  and our Championship 4+ placing 10th and coming only 7 seconds behind a set Edinburgh crew. These are great results for the girls and it bodes them well for the upcoming Sprint season especially BUCS Sprint at Nottingham in May.

Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club 4’s, 8’s and Scullers Head
Clydesdale’s racing filled weekend was jammed packed with our crews performing to a high level. Men’s Captain Michael McNaul joined our neighbours down the river Glasgow Rowing Club to become yet again the fastest Eight of the day, with our girls squad winning two pennants in W0 and WR2. The novice men (with a little help from Senior Fraser Malone) had a strong race in run up to HORR and were narrowly beaten by their nemesis Glasgow Schools, however did incredibly well to beat not only SUBC Novice Men’s 8+ but also their Senior Men’s 8+ too. The novice ladies yet again showed their keen attitude towards the sport by racing extremely well with one of the Novice 4+’s picking up the pennant in the Novice event.


Head of the River
On March 17th, 3 crews with GUBC members representing were involved in the Head of the River race on the Thames in London. Our Novice Men’s Eight consisting of Fraser Macsporran, Tim Smith, Niall Fostyk, Dan Taylor-Sweet, Michael Brooks, Edmund Choo, Omar Abugharsa, Kenny Ayre and coxed by experienced cox Alanna Dunleavy did extremely well in a race that involved broken seats and crabs galore. The Nov8+ came 361st beating Novice crews from both Strathclyde University and Heriot Watt University.
Our Senior Men were separated for this race with 3 Lightweight members of the squad selected to row as part of a Scottish Argonauts lightweight crew. Elliott Clarke, Dan McSherry and Luke Cerexe all rowed with members of Heriot Watt and Edinburgh to come 105th. Despite a disappointing race for the crew, they still beat their heavyweight counterparts. Michael McNaul again joined with GRC to form the fastest Scottish crew in the event coming 41st. This is a tremendous achievement and gives a lot of excitement onto the upcoming sprint regatta’s down south.

The weekend not only involved racing, but the traditional party at our friend Thames Rowing Club. After a Dougie Thoms inspired catch-up meal, some England vs. Ireland rugger watching, GUBC’s finest let down their hair and watched the carnage unfold. Naturally this had nothing to do with GUBC….




Scottish Championships 2012

Woman’s VIII; Ailidh Lang (cox), Rebecca Lightfoot, Lizzie Panton, Alice Stedman, Emma Fleming, Michelle Langley, Georgie Czernobay, Jess Lee and Mhari McFadden, with Fraser Quinn (Senior Women Coach) and James Forster (Novice Women Coach)
Well keen for GUBC success.

GUBC ladies had a shining start and started this years championship with a gold medal in the WNov2x, the winning double arriving at the medals ponton before many competitors even turned up at the park.The winning streak continued with an impressive performance in the Intermediate coxed four, (consisting of Jessica Lee, Lizzie Panton, Rebecca Lightfoot and Claire Hiddleston, coxed by Ailidh Lang), leading the field from the start line and finished 22 seconds ahead of the crew coming 2nd.

Claire Hiddleston, Rebecca Lightfoot, Lizzie Panton, Jess Lee and Ailidh Lang (cox) with their gold medals.

Our Championship Lightweight pair of Sally Griffiths and Hazel Gaddis came back much stronger since their first race together at the British Universities Championships. A very promising combination with many potentials for the 2012-13 season.

Jessica Lee
GUBC Ladies Captain 2012-2013

Glasgow Edinburgh Boat Race 2012

The annual Glasgow Edinburgh Boat race on Saturday 19th May proved to be a roaring success for the GUBC crews, with both men’s and women’s 1st VIII’s dominating the course.

Congratulations, firstly, to the Men’s 1st VIII, coxed by Rhona Findlay, who now boast an unprecedented 13th consecutive win in the Boatrace.

Rhona Findlay (cox), Chris Logan, Elliot Clarke, Michael McNaul, Sam Wiszniewski, Daniel McSherry, Niall Fostyk, Fraser Malone, Luke Cerexhe.

A big congratulations also, to the womens 1st VIII, who conquered the psychological burden of  8 years of defeat, who rose above our rival Edinburgh and took the glory of a Boatrace win.

Ruth Dunn, Laura McGhie, Claire Baillie, Claire Hiddleston, Lizzie Panton, Fraser Quinn (Coach), Nicole Baillie (Cox), Sally Griffiths, Rebecca Lightfoot, Katrina Johnson.

A triumphant performance was also seen from our womens 2nd VIII consisting of Beth MacMaster, Anine Hallender, Jessica Lee, Jane Patterson, Amy Nolan, Hazel Gaddis, Suzanne Brown and Mhairi MacFadyen, Coxed by Ailidh Lang. The 2nd VIII had an aggressive race against the strong Edinburgh crew and crossed the line first with clear water. The win was later challenged by Edinburgh and for this year, neither of the universities received the prize for the reserved boat race. We repected the decision made by the umpires and was respected unanimously accepted by both clubs showing great sports(wo)menship and maintaining the healthy, friendly competitions between Glasgow and Edinburgh University Boat Club. The Men’s VIII fell short of victory despite a strong performance and both Graduate boats entered emerged victorious.

Woman’s 2nd VIII coxed by Ailidh Lang
Men’s 2nd VIII coxed by Anna Bain Pugh

Both clubs put aside their rivalry with their lyrca, celebrated this 135th boat race with an annual dinner at the Glasgow University Union and post dinner celebrations in Viper.

Jessica Lee

GUBC Ladies captain 2012-2013