At the time of writing I have been working at Glasgow University for just under half a year, and I can honestly say I don’t know where the time has gone.  Whilst it is a cliché to say that “time flies when you’re having fun”, perhaps a more pertinent phrase would be “time flies when you’re involved in rowing”!

I appreciate that some of the rowers of GUBC may not echo my sentiments; with the long, slow burning winter training seemingly never ending.  However, with only five weeks left of this vital first part of our season, there really is reason to get excited as we approach the time that matters most: the summer racing.

However don’t get me wrong, I am still looking forward to the next month of training and racing immensely, where we’ll get to race (weather permitting!) against the best in the country and see how we fair.  Given recent cancellations of races, both regionally and nationally, our rowers have not lined up for a competition since the BUCS Indoor Championships on the 1st of December.  With three weekends of racing, first in Inverness and then twice on our own backyard on the River Clyde, I am confident that the GUBC rowers who have put in the hard graft over the winter will be rewarded with some great races and powerful memories from which we can build into the all-important summer.

Andy Barton