April saw GUBC once again travel to the dizzying heights of Inverness for a week of training on the canal. Led by Andy Barton, all four squads engaged in a week of intense preparation for the upcoming sprint season.

Alison Kells, GUBC Social Secretary and Senior Lady Extraordinaire gives her perspective on the week –

GUBC training camp was a challenging week for the squad, a week that required grit and determination during which all the athletes rose to the challenges set by Director Andy Barton. The week largely consisted of rowing and eating; with no one certain which one was more frequent. Each of the crews out on the water benefited from their time spent together, motivating one another and pushing each other on to maximise their sessions. During camp there was a noticeable bond formed throughout the whole squad which will be vital when it comes to encouraging one another through the Regatta season. For the senior ladies, our time was spent in our primary boat, a coxed 4 which will be racing at BUCS this May. We appreciated different coaching perspectives from our Coach Mike Foster, Ex-Ladies Captain Jessica Lee and Club Captain Stephen Fisher. The crew progressed positively in Inverness and we have consolidated our training week well since returning to the Clyde. The effort during the week in the 4 was consistent and we aim to finish the year off by achieving a position that represents the hard work that has been put in throughout what has been a difficult year.

Photographes c/o Club Captain, Stephen Fisher.

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